Vision: Sustainable, rights based, civil society and child agency driven strategies that set cities on course to becoming increasingly child friendly evolved, adopted, implemented and monitored by city administrations, communities and children in Vadodara city.


Mission: To improve the lives, opportunities and environment of children. To do this by bringing together human capital, knowledge and experience held by children’s NGO’s, networks, civil society and local authorities in Vadodara. To raise social and political awareness around the importance of child development for general socio-economic welfare. We are passionate to build a child-friendly city as it  is an essential part of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in a local governance setting. 


We at Vadodara believe that a child friendly city is “A space for every child”; Where children and young people are cherished, nurtured and respected. 


"A city that seeks to ensure that children are: Safe, Happy, Healthy, Confident, Secure and Supports to learn and grow"